Shipper's of HazMat/Dangerous Goods.  
These courses are intended to ensure the
employee knows how to use the most
current regulations for DOT, IATA, & IMDG.

49 CFR DOT HazMat Training
This course is a pre-requisite for all other HazMat shipping courses.  Course
topics: 49 CFR, Definitions, Use of the Hazardous Materials Table, Packaging,
Marking, Labelling, Shipping Papers, Placarding, Sep & Seg, Safety, Security
Awareness, & In-depth Security.

$510.00 per student  3 year Refreshers $260 per person

IATA (International Air Transportation Association
Training)  IATA Manual
Topics covered:  Applicability, Limitations, Classification, Identification
(Dangerous Goods List, Packing, Packaging, Marking & Labelling, &

$260.00 per student.  DOT pre-requisite

IMDG (International Maritime of Dangerous Goods
Training) IMDG Manual
Topics covered:  General, Classification, Dangerous Goods List,  Packing,
Consignment, Packaging, Transport Operations.

$260.00 per student.  DOT pre-requisite

40 CFR RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery
Topics covered:  Generators, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Characteristic
HW, Listed HW, Transporters, TSDF's, Land Disposal Restrictions, Universal
Hazardous Waste.

260.00 per student.  DOT pre-requisite

All ACME courses start at 8:30am
OSHA & EPA Compliance Consultants, Industrial Hygiene, & Training Services