Acme Environmental is a fully approved provider of all disciplines
of asbestos
training and is accredited with the state of Louisiana.

Asbestos Awareness
This course meets the requirements under both OSHA

and the EPA for workers who may encounter Asbestos in their workplace. This program
provides an overview of the occurrence and the dangers of Asbestos.
Course length 2-4 hrs.

Maintenance Worker
OSHA requires that any worker doing 
epair or maintenance activities where ACM may
be disturbed.

Course length 16 hrs.  

AHERA Asbestos Abatement Contractors & Supervisors
This qualifies an individual to be designated as the Competent Person for all asbestos
activities.  Provides instruction on latest abatement procedures in accordance with OSHA
& EPA regulations. Course is in full compliance with EPA's Model Accreditation Plan.
Course length 40 hrs.  

AHERA Asbestos Inspector
OSHA requires an accredited Asbestos Inspector to determine if (TSI) Thermal System
Insulation or Surfacing  material in buildings built no later than 1980 is not Asbestos
containing.  This course familiarizes participants with potential Asbestos sources &
methods for identifying their presence.  Sampling protocol & Chain of Custody
requirements are addressed.  The course includes a tour of several facilities with (ACBM)
Asbestos Containing Building Material.
Course length 24 hrs.  

AHERA Asbestos Management Planner (refresher only)
Operation & Maintenance has been selected by the EPA as the preferred option for
managing Asbestos in buildings.  Once the survey data has been generated, the plan for
controlling the Asbestos must be implemented.  Management plans are only required for
school facilities. The Asbestos Inspector course is a pre-requisite for the 16 hr
Management Planner course.  

AHERA Project Designer -  EPA requires that any person designing response
activities or maintenance activities that damage friable ACM, other than (SSSD) Small
Scale Short Duration maintenance activities, must be accredited as a Project Designer.  
This course includes observation & evaluation of active abatement projects.
Course length: 24 hrs.

Project Monitor (on request)
EPA  highly  recommends
Project Monitors observe abatement activities performed by
contractors and generally 
serve as a building owner representative to ensure abatement
work is completed
according to specifications and in full regulatory compliance.
ourse includes substantial field work.
Course length: 40 hrs.

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